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In this selection of pictures, one can see the diversity and the challenges existing in two of Brasilia’s satellites towns. After one complete day of field trip (13/09/11), I tried to identify different social/urban processes, which can be sometimes related to the overall theme of the workshop: “gentrificaçao” (gentrification). Even though this was a very short experience to really understand the different territories, I tried to explain one reality: my analysis from that day, when I wandered around Celandia and Guara II.

In the first selection of pictures, you will see scenes of appropriation of public space by the inhabitants and some cases of informal uses of the public space (improvised garden, creative means of transportation, street vendors), in both Celandia and Guara II.
The second folder includes photos representing the privatisation of public space, the tendency to build “fences” along the streets, mostly in Guara II. In some cases it could be a sign of gentrification (electric fences, hi-tech system of protection).

The last selection is a summary of what the life of the “deslocados” could be like (people victim of the gentrification process). Pretending to be one of those, I tried to summarize what it is like to go from Guara II or Celandia to the center of Brasilia, back and forth, every day. It includes life scenes from Celandia but also Guara II, and the crowded Rodoviaria station (Central Station).
apropriação do espaco publico + utilização informal
privatização do espaco publico + cercadas + gentrificação
Ceilandia e Guara II + escenas de vida dos deslocados
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