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Portland (EEUU)

Losing Albina


Video producido por Christina Belasco para Flux Magazine (2015).
El barrio de Albina fue alguna vez el epicentro de la comunidad afroamericana de Portland y uno de los lugares más activos de la Costa Oeste para la música jazz en directo. Pero las políticas racistas de la ciudad y una serie de proyectos de desarrollo urbano vendrían a cambiar el vecindario para siempre. Esta es la historia de Albina contada a través desde la visión de dos hombres que ayudaron a hacer del barrio lo que fue.


Video produced by Christina Belasco for Flux Magazine (2015).
The Albina neighborhood was once the epicenter of Portland’s African American community and one of the hottest spots on the West Coast for live jazz. But racist city policies and a series of urban development projects would come to change the neighborhood forever. This is the story of Albina told through the lens of two men who helped make the neighborhood what it was.


"Things Aren't What They Used to Be" by Reuben Unrau

Commuters on bicycles cruise by a row of yoga studios, cafés, and craft breweries along North Williams Avenue in northeast Portland. Subarus and Toyota Priuses fill the parking lot at New Seasons, the local organic grocery store. Across the street, shoppers pop in and out of high-end boutiques that specialize in faux-leather bags, handcrafted toys, and vegan soap products.
North Williams runs through the Albina district, a modern-day haven for trendy urbanites, reflecting the hip identity that has put Portland in the spotlight in recent years. The city frequently finds itself near the top of national lists for being the most livable, the most bike friendly, and the best city for beer, luring young, college-educated progressives along the way [...]

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